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Childhood assessment

Young DIVA 2.0
The Young DIVA 2.0 is the younger sister of the DIVA 2.0. It was adapted by dr. Sarah Curran and Professor Philip Asherson to support the diagnosis of ADHD in young people aged 13 to 17 years. Young DIVA 2.0 will be available soon.

ADHD Child Evaluation (ACE)
The ADHD Child Evaluation [ACE] is a semi-structured interview developed by Professor Susan Young to support healthcare practitioners in the assessment and diagnosis of ADHD in children. ACE is available in English, French, Turkish, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, Swedish and Dutch language, and can be downloaded and distributed for free.

More translations are welcome, you may contact by e-mail.

There are plans for ACE to be made into an app so may be also available for use in electronic format in the future.