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DIVA-5 is the successor to DIVA 2.0, the structured Diagnostic Interview for Adult ADHD, and is based on the criteria for ADHD in DSM-5. DIVA-5 will be available in all 19 languages in which DIVA 2.0 has been translated. As soon as a DIVA-5 in a certain language is ready the DIVA 2.0 will no longer be available on this website.

DIVA-5 asks about the presence of ADHD symptoms in adulthood as well as childhood, the chronicity of these symptoms, and significant impairments due to these symptoms.

NEW: DIVA-5 has been adjusted for children age 5-17 (Young DIVA-5) and for people with Intellectual Disability (DIVA-5-ID).

DIVA was developed in Dutch, and translated into 
many languages, because there was a need for a readily available, structured diagnostic instrument for research and clinical assessment purposes in the field.

NEW: Due to the fact the American Psychiatric Association has increased the license fee for the use of the DSM-5 criteria 10-fold, we request a once-off payment to enable DIVA Foundation to continue this important work for patients and professionals worldwide. We thank you for your understanding and support.