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It is our joint aim to make a reliable instrument for diagnosing ADHD in adults available across the world. We encourage all countries that are interested in translating DIVA-5 into their own language! So far, the predecessor of DIVA-5, DIVA 2.0 has been translated in 19 languages already!

Terms & conditions
In order to optimize the translation process, the DIVA board has agreed on some terms and conditions.

Entrance fee

Each representative of a language pays the entrance fee of € 2.000,- (Euros) to the DIVA Foundation, covering the costs for the review process and final authorisation of translation, the website, the production of the final PDF as well as the app in your language. The entrance fee should be paid by your hospital/research fund/government or any other non-profit organisation, as the DIVA Foundation is an independent non-profit foundation.

utch DIVA-5 as a base

The Dutch DIVA-5, and not the English translation, should be used as the base of the translation, in order to prevent biases that exist from translating the instrument twice.

Permission to use DSM-5 criteria in DIVA-5

DIVA-5 uses the DSM-5 criteria for ADHD in adults. Therefore permission for use of the criteria is needed from the publisher, the American Psychiatric Association. The costs are $ 1.500,- for the printed version, and again $ 1.500,- for the app. DIVA Foundation takes care of this process: the costs have to be generated by the new payment for use of DIVA-5 in all languages.
In case of any questions, please contact the editor of DIVA Foundation,

DIVA Board membership

We kindly invite you to represent your DIVA-5 by becoming a board member of the DIVA Foundation. The DIVA Board organizes meetings every 2 years, to inform all involved parties about ongoing DIVA matters.

If you agree on the terms and conditions above, please fill out and sign also the informed consent form to start the translation process and send it to