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Commercial use

DIVA Foundation is a non-profit organization with the sole hope of enabling patients, clinicians and researchers to have easy access to the careful diagnostic assessment of ADHD in adults.

Therefore, DIVA has been available free of charge for clinicians and non-commercial researchers worldwide. Since the update of the DSM-5 criteria for ADHD, APA requires a 10-fold increased license fee for the use of the criteria in the interview. The DIVA Foundation therefore has to ask for a once-off payment of € 10.- (Euros) for downloads of DIVA-5.

Other parties, like editors and pharmaceutical companies may want to print DIVA-5 for commercial use. They are obliged to ask permission from, and pay royalties to the DIVA Foundation. Please download and fill out the Royalty Payment Form.

Copyrights for use of DIVA-5 by pharmaceutical industry and other commercial parties:
€ 10,- (Euros) per printed copy. Please ask permission from the in advance.