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Stichting DIVA Foundation


Stichting DIVA Foundation
Carel Reinierszkade 197
2593 HR  The Hague
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-88-3572040

For general information about the DIVA Foundation, please contact
, staffer. (i.vankasteren@psyq.nl)

For information about DIVA translations, please contact Dora Wynchank (editor) via e-mail Inge van Kasteren.

We are closed on Friday, during the weekend as well as below mentioned days:

Please note we are on holiday:

July 22 - August 7th 2022

National Holidays 2022:

April 18th - Easter
April 27th - Kingsday
May 5th - Liberation Day
May 26th - Ascension Day
June 6th - Pentecost
December 26th - Christmas