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The DIVA-5 is a structured originally Dutch-language interview for a careful ADHD diagnosis in adults. The DIVA-5 identifies examples in the daily functioning of patients with ADHD, making it possible to get a proper overview of impairment, needed for the diagnosis. In this version, the scoring has been adapted to the DSM-5 criteria. The DIVA-5 is now considered the gold standard interview for adult ADHD in various studies, and is used worldwide.

Nannet Buitelaar, psychiatrist

DIVA-5 is the Diagnostic Interview for ADHD in adults, based on the DSM-5 criteria. DIVA-5 gives many examples of behaviour and of 5 areas of impairment that may accompany ADHD during the lifespan. Using this interview for assessment of ADHD in adults is an eye opener for many patients and their families. DIVA-5 is a must have for professionals working in mental health care!

Jeannette van der Poel