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In 2003, the European Network Adult ADHD (ENAA) was founded by J.J. Sandra Kooij, MD, a Dutch psychiatrist specialised in adult ADHD.

Aims and Achievements:

Increasing awareness that ADHD is a lifelong condition
Improving diagnostic assessment and treatment
International research
Improving access to services
Establishing cooperation between professionals involved in child and adult

ADHDFund online crowdfunding was founded because of lack of resources for research on improvement of the quality of life of people with ADHD.
ADHDFund is an online international crowdfund for patient-oriented research on ADHD. People with ADHD determine the research agenda and donate to the research of their preference. Also mental health care and researchers donate. ADHDFund received a starting grant from the Dutch ADHD Netwerk, of professionals involved in ADHD and is independant from pharmaceutical industry.

ADHDFund needs support from international ambassadors and volunteers to reach the crowd that needs to be involved in ADHD research, in order to improve the quality of life of people with ADHD. Please visit www.adhdfund.com and follow ADHDFund on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

ACE: ADHD Child Evaluation, a semi-structured diagnostic interview

ACE was recently published online by professor Susan Young to support the assessment and diagnosis of ADHD in children. ACE is currently being translated into French, Swedish, Finnish, Portuguese, Italian and Dutch and can be used for free. More translations are welcome, you may contact Susan Young at . There are plans for ACE to be made into an app so may be also available for use in electronic format in the future.