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Short history of the development of the DIVA
In 2007 a semi-structured diagnostic interview for ADHD in adults was developed by dr. J.J.S. Kooij and her team.
The first versions of the DIVA were tested during a period of seven months in several hundred patients asking for a diagnostic assessment at Program Adult ADHD of PsyQ in The Netherlands. The team at PsyQ commented on the text, and several adjustments were made. The final Dutch version was used from August 2007.

First translations
In 2009, several clinicians and researchers in asked for translations of the DIVA. All translations were made from the original Dutch version in order to prevent bias.

In order to have the proper wording and formulations used in clinical psychiatric practice in every country, experienced clinicians in those countries were asked to check and improve the first translation of the DIVA. Their comments and questions have been discussed with the authors of the instrument leading to adjustments. After verification of the back translations into Dutch, the final translations were authorised by the authors of the DIVA.