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DIVA 2.0 app

DIVA 2.0 has been implemented in an application, that is available in the Google Play Store and the App Store. The DIVA 2.0 app was developed by the DIVA Foundation in collaboration with GIMIK Systeme GmbH.

DIVA 2.0 app will be replaced by the next edition of DIVA: DIVA-5.

The DIVA app has been designed to facilitate the administration of DIVA for professionals working with adult ADHD. The DIVA app adds value as a smart tool in clinical practice: it automatically adds up the number of Attention problems and Hyperactive/Impulsive symptoms, provides a summary of the most important outcomes, leaving the final diagnosis and subtype to the clinician. DIVA app results can be sent by email, in texts or as an SPSS file, for research purposes.

Patients may also download the DIVA app. Therefore, a disclaimer text is presented before the startup of the DIVA app, proclaiming that the DIVA is not a suitable instrument for self-diagnosis. The interview should always be conducted by a professional in adult ADHD.

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